Our Current Work

The Board of Directors of the Albion-Homer United Way is pleased to announce that we have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau! What this means is that the Better Business Bureau has reviewed our financials, organizational structure, and our procedures and determined that we are operating well and appropriately as a 501(c)3 non-profit.

We are proud of this accomplishment and want everyone to know that when you give to the Albion-Homer United Way, you give to an organization that meets appropriate standards of operation.

For more information on the Albion-Homer United Way, we encourage you to review us on the Better Business Bureau website: www.bbb.org/western-michigan and/or on Guidestar.com.

Amy Robertson, MPA
Administrator, Albion-Homer United Way

The Albion-Homer United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in the Albion and Homer communities.

Our Board of Directors

Executive Committee:
Mike Culliver, Board President, Marshall Public Schools, Harrington Elementary, (517) 629-9166, mculliver@marshallpublicschools.org
Andrew Dunham, Board Vice President, Albion College, (517) 629-0216, ddunham@albion.edu
Pam Schuler, Board Treasurer, Albion College, (517) 629-1000, pschuler@albion.edu
Jason Cox, Board Secretary, Jason Cox, Murray, Tymkew & Associates, (517) 629-3936, jcox@sigmarep.com
Maurice Barnes, Albion City Councilman, (517) 629-5016
Carolyn Amos, Marshall Public Schools, Harrington Elementary, (517) 629-9166, camos@marshallpublicschools.org
Art Kale, Village of Homer, (517) 568-4321, arthurkale@gmail.com
Amy Robertson, Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau, (517) 629-5533, president@greateralbionchamber.org
Gary Tompkins, Calhoun County 7th District Commissioner, tompkinscc7@gmail.com
Shane Williamson, Starr Commonwealth, (517) 629-5591, williamsons@starr.org​

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