How to Give Your Guitar a More Psychedelic Sound

Guitar playing is all about the techniques that you are using and the notes that you are playing, but the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of other things that you can do as well. What you need to do more than anything else is try to make a sound that you would be able to truly get into, a sound that represents who you are as a person and would allow you to truly indulge in the level of playing that you feel is personally relevant to you all in all.

Some people enjoy psychedelic music and for good reason. One of the reasons behind the need for this kind of music has to do with the level of skill that you have, but there is also the fact that it’s just good overall music and that it has a groove to it that is most unmistakable as well as undeniable all in all. If you want to get a more psychedelic sound out of your guitar, you will have to get yourself some tremolo pedals for guitar. These pedals are going to give your guitar a kind of shaky sound, one that would keep cutting out and coming back in. These abrupt silences are going to really take your playing to a whole new level since you would be able to pick and choose certain kinds of notes that would represent your current mood at much higher levels all in all.

Perfect silence can also be used and this is a technique whereby you would be able to manipulate periods of silence so that when you reenter the melody you will do so with a pretty grand entrance all in all.

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