Finding a Cause to Change The World

If you are generally an empathetic person, it can be easy for you to want to change the world. However, changing the world easier said than done. It requires enormous amounts of hard work and dedication, and the fact of the matter is that no one can change the whole world on their own. Rather, you need to think slightly smaller and focus on a single cause so that you can ensure that that particular cause ends up seeing its agenda being pushed a bit further in the sphere of public consciousness.

Finding the right cause can be an exhausting and time consuming process. There is a lot of grief in the world so the process of narrowing down a cause can often seem impossibly difficult. In order to help you, here are some tips to make the process a bit easier.

Make It Personal

While there is definitely a lot of misery in the world, not all of it is something that you have personally experienced. If you focus on your own feelings you might just be able to narrow things down more easily and find a cause you can feel effortless passion towards.

Research Thoroughly

Another way to narrow things down is to cut out charities that are in it for the money. Some charities use funds irresponsibly and even for personal enrichment in some scenarios. These charities are obviously not worthy of your efforts and should be taken out of your list of potentials.

Start With Your Community

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to fix international problems for the get go. A much better idea is to help people locally which can often have a more easily tangible impact as well as more accessible charities.

Create a Mission Statement

The process of writing a mission statement can help make things a lot clearer for a lot of people because of the fact that it helps them flesh out their own views on things. Hence, you should make a mission statement of your own with your team, this can help get everyone on the same page too.

Think Long Term

Working on the same cause for an extended period of time can create far more benefits than working short term on several different causes. Try to go for something that you can work on for the long term.

Ask Around

People are full of opinions, and when you ask them what they think is a cause that is worthy of getting behind they are probably going to try and fill you in. This is a useful way of thinking outside the box.

Understand Your Abilities

Let’s face it, there’s no point in working for the fulfillment of a cause if you are not good at helping in that particular field. Focusing on your abilities can help you find a cause that you can genuinely help people out in.

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