Finally, A Wearable Fertility Tracker!

A handful of years back, people got the idea of a fitness tracking device that you could wear. It was simple but genius! You could just wear this wrist-bound device that connects with an app on your phone that tracks your movements and tells you how much calories you’re burning in a day. You could even set your fitness goals and the device would prompt you to exercise accordingly. Now that we’ve had fitness trackers for a good number of years, it’s high time we also saw a fertility tracker for women.

If you’re a lady then you understand the one thing that all of us women are fated to suffer by – and that is our menstrual cycles. If our menstrual clocks were always on time and our periods weren’t affected by basically every little thing, then tracking them wouldn’t be necessary. Your menstrual cycle is affected by so many things in your life, ranging from your mood to what you’ve been eating. If you’re not feeling your hundred percent because of stress, you might get a delayed period.

Period days can be very annoying, which is why we must monitor and prepare for them. If you’ve ever missed a period or had a painful late period, you’ll know better than to not track your cycle. The Ava bracelet is a wrist-bound period tracking device that uses your basal body temperature (BBT) to determine where you are on your period cycle. Big deal, you have an app for this already so why by a tracker, right?

This Ava bracelet review here says it all. You can use BBT temping to very reliably tell when your ovulation will start. If you’re expecting or are waiting for the happy day after the storm with your partner, the Ava bracelet is your best friend.

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