The Board of Directors of the Albion-Homer United Way is pleased to announce that we have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau! What this means is that the Better Business Bureau has reviewed our financials, organizational structure, and our procedures and determined that we are operating well and appropriately as a 501(c)3 non-profit.

We are proud of this accomplishment and want everyone to know that when you give to the Albion-Homer United Way, you give to an organization that meets appropriate standards of operation.

For more information on the Albion-Homer United Way, we encourage you to review us on the Better Business Bureau website: and/or on

Amy Robertson, MPA
Administrator, Albion-Homer United Way

The Albion-Homer United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in the Albion and Homer communities.

Our Board of Directors

Executive Committee:
Mike Culliver, Board President, Marshall Public Schools, Harrington Elementary, (517) 629-9166,
Andrew Dunham, Board Vice President, Albion College, (517) 629-0216,
Pam Schuler, Board Treasurer, Albion College, (517) 629-1000,
Jason Cox, Board Secretary, Jason Cox, Murray, Tymkew & Associates, (517) 629-3936,
Maurice Barnes, Albion City Councilman, (517) 629-5016
Carolyn Amos, Marshall Public Schools, Harrington Elementary, (517) 629-9166,
Art Kale, Village of Homer, (517) 568-4321,
Amy Robertson, Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau, (517) 629-5533,
Gary Tompkins, Calhoun County 7th District Commissioner,
Shane Williamson, Starr Commonwealth, (517) 629-5591,​

The cell phone revolution began a number of years ago and if twenty ago someone had told you that you would have a rectangular device in your hand which would not only connect with you with anyone sitting on the other side of the globe but it would have applications which would make your life so easier that you could do the simplest of things like ordering pizza through it and the most complicated ones like selling your property, but since we live in an age where this thing has become so common and it doesn’t surprise us anymore, but it does surprise those who are unable to stay ahead or at least with the competition in the cell phone industry.

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If you have finally decided to get yourself a car, you are going to need to keep a few things in mind. Are you buying from an individual, or are you going to a dealership? In our opinion, the latter is always better because you have a much better experience when you do so.

Speaking of car dealerships, an experienced auto dealership in Singapore says that there are some ways that you can use to buy the best possible car dealership. I know it might not sound like much to those who are experienced, but for the first timers, the entire process can be a bit complicated, to say the least.

Below, you will find some of the tips that should help you have an easy experience.

Check The Financing Options

You need to know that it is okay if you cannot pay for the car in full cash; there is nothing wrong with that, and in most cases, that is the route people choose. Keeping that in mind, when it comes to a car, make sure that you are looking at the financing options that you have. The good news is that most dealerships will be giving you a proper idea so you do not have to worry about it.

Checking Their Inventory

Another thing is that you should always check their inventory before finalizing things. Why? Because you do not want to plan on something only to realize that the dealership does not have the car you are looking for. So, keeping that in mind, the best thing is that you should check their inventory, and go with that.

This way, it will be much easier for you to buy the car that you are looking for an avoid any hassles.

If you are in the market looking for a good pair of sandals, then you need to understand that there are going to be countless options available for you. There is no denying that buying sandals is perhaps one of the easiest thing that you can do. However, even in situations like that, you can end up making several mistakes that can lead you to some troubles, and the more you avoid them, the better it will be.

Keeping that in mind, if you are looking for some discounts, you can head over to our coupons site and find some great options available to you. With that said, there are generally a few mistakes that we would suggest you to avoid whenever you are in the market looking for sandals. Let’s not delay any further and have a look.

Not Paying Attention to The Size

One of the main things that you need to concern yourself with is the size of the sandal. Buying the wrong size is going to lead to some issues that are never good to have. The more vigilant you are about the right size, the better the experience you will have as well.

Buying Cheaper Sandals

Sure, saving money is the prerogative that all of us have, but the thing that you need to know about that is not always you are going to be able to save money and come out with a decent product. As a matter of fact, more often than not, you might buy something cheap, only to realise that the product that you have been after was not good enough at all.

So, the tip that I would give you here is that you should avoid cheaper sandals.

The thing about investments is that they need to be truly profitable if you want to allow yourself the chance to find a way to incorporate them into your daily life in a manner that would be truly appropriate for everyone involved. You need to find an investment that would give you an enormous level of profitability, and one investment that you can definitely start taking quite seriously indeed is precious metals.

You see, precious metals are widely coveted by people that work in these various industries, and it is for this reason that you can end up finding quite a bit of profitability if you manage to make all of the right investments in this regard. You can also look into different ways to diversify your portfolio of course but for the most part trying to invest in titanium in particular is going to be something that you are going to find will lead to some enormous returns down the line.

The price of titanium is rising, and this is leading to a lot of people trying to look for ways to get in on the action without having to worry about what the consequences might be if they eventually fail to find all of the right things that they need to end up doing in this regard. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you should definitely make the investment now. You don’t need to buy ore either, you can just buy TeNo titanium rings in bulk and store them for the future so that you would end up finding ways to sell them off later on at a price that is far higher than the one you initially ended up paying for them.

A home inspection is something that I think is quintessential of buying a home, the reason being simple, you do not want the house you are buying to be out of shape, or littered with issues that will ruin your whole buying experience. You want something that you can live in without having any issues to deal with.

Keeping that in mind, the right thing would be to hire the home inspector as with an inspector, you will not have to worry about a lot of issues. However, the thing about such inspection is that you can actually end up making some mistakes in the process.

The best thing would be to avoid these mistakes because once you start avoiding these mistakes, your overall experience would be a lot simpler and easier as well.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the mistakes.

Hiring a Non-Certified Inspector

One of the biggest mistake that many people make is that they end up hiring an inspector who is not certified or anything along those lines. This can be a problematic situation for many people and one thing that we have to avoid at all costs. Just make sure that when it comes to home inspection, you need to hire someone who is respectable.

Delaying The Process

If you like a property or a house, the right thing would be to hire the inspector right away. However, make sure that you have finalized on that decision because you really do not want to hire someone just because you think that you are going to buy the property. Only do it when you are certain, and once that is done, do not delay the process either. That would be the right thing to do in this regard.

Mudjacking is a process that involves raising your old slabs to the desired level, it is a relatively simple process, however, there are two sides of every story, this article will help you get a better understanding of the pros and cons of mudjacking. Here is a list of all the pros and cons of mudjacking:


  1. Mudjacking has zero tripping hazard while in case of slab replacement there is always the risk of tripping.
  2. It is a cheaper process, you can say that it is almost half the price of what it costs for slab replacement.
  3. The load removal from the slab is not required also it does not affect the foundation of your home during the process.
  4. There are so many different contractors that offer mudjacking services such as mudjacking STL, this makes it easy for you to hire a contractor.
  5. It requires less time and can be used immediately after the process.
  6. The process is environmentally friendly as the slurry that is used is free from any toxicities, also the process produces minimized wastages.
  7. The concrete retains its color which gives it a more aesthetic appeal.
  8. It is a process that can be carried out in all weathers.


  1. Since the holes that are made in the slabs are of 2 inches, the process of mudjacking is only suitable for slabs that have a thickness of more than 4 inches.
  2. If the slab is in a really poor condition then the process is not economical and you will have to get the slab replaced.
  3. If the process is not carried out correctly it can end up clogging the sewerage lines.
  4. If the process is carried out in pyramidal form then it takes a lot of time for the slurry to settle.

People that work in the field of translation often don’t know how a good translation is supposed to work because of the fact that they joined the industry based on the assumption that they would not really have to do anything in order to support themselves at all. Most people tend to think that translating a piece of work involves nothing but changing the words from one language to another. This is a completely wrong way to think about it because of the fact that a lot will be lost in translation this way.

The words that are being used in a particular text are going to be used with a specific kind of context. You need to understand that context if you want to be able to succeed. You should also try to use localized dialects in the right way. The fact of the matter is that sometimes things are going to mean different things in different parts of a country, so paying attention to this sort of thing is going to be very important if you hope to enjoy yourself in any meaningful way during your translation process.

A London translator needs to know how the original language functions. Sometimes when you read a passage, the literal translation is going to be meaningless because of the fact that you were reading an idiom rather than something that was generally meant to provide a genuine level of meaning to a particular discussion that was being had. For example, if you try to explain a term like “out of the fry pan, into the fire” you are not going to just translate the words, you will provide a detailed explanation as well. Try to bear this in mind while making translations.

Unlevelled ground can be mildly annoying to incredibly frustrating to have. It causes a variety of problems and often leaves you in tricky situations. Unfortunately, you cannot stop the ground from staying levelled forever. Rainwater and a variety of other environmental factors cause the earth to move around. And when that happens, whatever is on top of that certain portion of the earth moves with it.

Now, if you ever have to deal with uneven ground, there are two things that you can do. You can either have the uppermost concrete surface removed and installed again, or you can simply call in a professional mudjacker. The latter is a far more affordable and less time consuming option. Mudjacking is a very simple process that involves pumping mud under an unlevelled structure in order to fix its position and bring it back to the proper level.

Unlike an extensive repair job, mudjacking can be done a lot faster with a significantly smaller amount of mess. Mudjacking is a great solution for people who have unlevelled driveways, concrete stairs, and walkways. If you are ever in need of mudjacking services then Kansas City Mudjacking Specialists is a superb choice. This company is really serious about its job and can easily be classified as one of the best mudjacking contractors Kansas City has to offer.

Mudjacking is recommended for commercial and residential properties. It can lengthen the life of one’s floor by quite a margin and also make sure that you do not have to worry about any unlevelled floor related issues for quite some time. For more information on how mudjacking works and how this service can help you out, you can check out Kansas City Mudjacking Specialists’ website. You can also get in touch with the company from there.

When you think about the medical industry, you are probably going to think of doctors as well as the various nurses that may be helping these doctors out from time to time. However, while it is true that doctors and nurses do play extremely important roles in the medical field and they allow people to recover from illnesses and heal from injuries at a rate that is much faster than what they would have been able to enjoy if they had not had such professionals around to help them out, they are not the only ones in the field.

The fact of the matter is that the field of medicine relies on a third group of professionals as well, a group that is widely known for being crucial to the success of any medical endeavor overall. These people are called medical assistants, and their main focus is to help doctors with whatever it is that they are going to need. It’s fair to say that without medical assistants, it is highly unlikely that doctors are going to be able to do the job that they have been tasked with, and as a result of this fact the people that need help on a regular basis might just be left without all that many options which could potentially lead to them feeling like there is no hope for them at all.

If you want to become a medical assistant and become one of the most important aspects of this industry all in all, you should definitely try going to a las vegas medical assistant school where you will learn all of the ins and outs of the field and get a better idea of how you fit into all of that.

Homeowners usually are aware of all the maintenance work that needs to be done, but a lot of the times new homeowners skip these details in the face of all the excitement of owning a new house or their very first one. So if you are someone who is new to being a homeowner and are still trying to figure things out that need to be done in due time and the ones that you have to do every once in a while, we would suggest you add roof maintenance work in that list of yours. Of course new homes do not require a lot of repair works but it is best to get maintenance done so that you won’t have issues later on due to neglect.

Roof painting is one of the most used method of maintenance of the roof. There are designated contractors, companies and organization for that who you can contact to come in and help you in painting your roof; one of them being roof painting Byron Bay. Some might think of it as a needless expense but we can assure you that there are some solid advantages of it, and if you want to know then check them out below.

Lowers Heat

A lot of heat and sun beating down on the roof top of your house can lead to higher temperatures indoors. Our homes almost feel like the insides of an oven and if you want to avoid that then get roof painting with that reflective coating. It will considerably take away the heat and keep your house from feeling an oven. Lowered temperatures inside homes also have a significant impact in lowering your electricity utility bill as well.

A garage door is going to have many enemies, things that are going to damage it in some way and make it a lot more difficult for you to gain any kind of satisfaction from using it. Frost is one thing that you should be concerned about, and mold is going to be quite a big problem that you will need to handle as well. However, in spite of the fact that both of these things are going to be difficult for you to avoid and you should take them very seriously indeed, the fact of the matter is that there is one thing that will tower over everything else terms of the level of damage it can potentially end up doing your garage door all in all.

This main enemy that we are discussing here is rust, the very thing that every metal item fears quite a bit because of the fact that it can lead to it becoming completely unusable in every single way. The thing about garage doors is that a lot of their components are going to be made with metal, and so they are going to be prone to rust. Since a lot of moisture is going to fall on your garage doors as they are an external part of your home, rust is going to end up occurring quite frequently.

What you need to understand is that the rust that is appearing outside your garage door, while it may be a little unsightly, is not going to be the real issue here because of the fact that it would not affect the functionality of the door in general. You should instead call Spark Garage Doors – Denver CO if the rust reaches the hinges of your door.

Guitar playing is all about the techniques that you are using and the notes that you are playing, but the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of other things that you can do as well. What you need to do more than anything else is try to make a sound that you would be able to truly get into, a sound that represents who you are as a person and would allow you to truly indulge in the level of playing that you feel is personally relevant to you all in all.

Some people enjoy psychedelic music and for good reason. One of the reasons behind the need for this kind of music has to do with the level of skill that you have, but there is also the fact that it’s just good overall music and that it has a groove to it that is most unmistakable as well as undeniable all in all. If you want to get a more psychedelic sound out of your guitar, you will have to get yourself some tremolo pedals for guitar. These pedals are going to give your guitar a kind of shaky sound, one that would keep cutting out and coming back in. These abrupt silences are going to really take your playing to a whole new level since you would be able to pick and choose certain kinds of notes that would represent your current mood at much higher levels all in all.

Perfect silence can also be used and this is a technique whereby you would be able to manipulate periods of silence so that when you reenter the melody you will do so with a pretty grand entrance all in all.

One thing that pretty much every single person in the world is obsessed with is trying to stay looking young for as long as is humanly possible, and the fact of the matter is that if you truly want to allow yourself to find a way to look young then you will want to take the various techniques that people are using very seriously indeed. The thing is, trying to stay younger is less about things like vitality and health and more about things like looking younger than you actually are, and the fact of the matter is that this is easier to do than you might initially be thinking.

Good quality skin serums can help you with this, and they can be bought using a simple service that is no different from walking into a pharmacy and using some kind of medicine that would be similar to what you are using on your skin at this point in time. Good quality skin serum is not easy to come by, but as long as you do enough research there is no reason why you would not be able to find enough to last you a very long time indeed, so much so that the level of effectiveness that each kind of serum is going to have will be on par with the best treatments that dermatologists are going to end up providing you with in the long run.

You can use skin serums from Timeless Skin Care to help yourself make the most of the kind of looks that you are trying to achieve, and you can make your skin a lot healthier than it would have been otherwise in the process as well, something that is highly underrated these days.

If you have been thinking of buying a pool table for some time by this point, you have probably already heard of the wood vs slate pool table debate that people that are passionate about pool tend to engage in with some degree of regularity all in all. The reason that they argue about this is because of the fact that both kinds of materials have their own benefits, but if you actually look at the pros and cons of each kind of material you are going to discover that there are a lot more benefits that are associated with slate tables than those that are associated with wood tables.

This is because of the fact that slate tables are just so much more durable than any wood tables that you would have been thinking about using. Slate tables are made of a much harder material which is not going to end up undergoing the same amount of wear and tear, which means that you will be able to buy just one pool table and have it last for years and years which will definitely be a relief because of the fact that these sorts of things can often cost quite a bit of money which you are not necessarily going to want to have to worry about.

Slate tables also have a tendency for being a lot more even on all sides, something that can help you measure and gauge your shots ensuring that they are going to end up going into the right place time and time again. You can also use this kind of shot taking potential on your own to improve how you play the game as well.

When you are moving into a new office, you are going to have a lot of things that are going to be on your mind. You will probably have to order desk for all of your employees, if you are moving in from an old office that you were set up in previously then you are probably going to have a lot of things from that space that you will need moved in, and all in all moving to a new office is going to be the sort of thing that will give you quite a bit of stress because of the fact that you are going to have just so many things that are going to need your attention on a regular basis that it will be easy for you to become a little overwhelmed with whatever it is that you are currently trying to do all in a

However, one thing that is going to be more important than ever is to look into bin hire. The best bin hire company – Ultra Bin Hire is going to give you the kind of experience that you truly need in order to make the most of the kind of the work that you are trying to do at this point in time. You will need bins to clean out the clutter from the people that left the office in the condition that it is currently in, and even more than that what you are going to need is something that will leave you with a lot more in terms of the kind of experiences that you are currently going to be involved in on a regular basis. Hire a good bin company to help make the cleanup process much easier.

Allergies are the sort of things that sometimes just end up happening whether or not you want them around. This is because of the fact that they can often stem from irritants that are in the air. One of the most common things for anyone to be allergic to is dust, and the fact of the matter is that if you are living in an area that has a lot of dust in it you are probably going to want to find ways to get the dust out of your system so that you no longer have to worry about it being that much of an issue all in all.

If you think about it, one of the most common ways for anyone to get allergic reactions on a regular basis is by inhaling dust that comes in through an air duct of some sort. Lots of air ducts out there are going to give you different kinds of cooling systems that you would be able to take advantage of, but for the most part they are not going to do enough to give you the kind of calmness you need in your sinuses if you don’t clean them out on a regular basis.

You really need to look into air duct cleaning Las Vegas so that you can prevent allergies from being too big an issue in the first place. If you manage to find enough people that are willing to clean your air ducts, over time the kind of allergic reactions you are going to end up suffering from will start to decrease and you will be able to enjoy your life to a somewhat larger extent than would have been the case before you got the cleaning done.

Having a kid can be wonderful but the fact of the matter is that after you have had a child there is a good chance that you are not going to be able to move around quite as freely as you used to because of the fact that you would have to take your child with you everywhere you go. This can be impractical because of the fact that you are going to need both of your hands to make the most of the trip that you are going on because, after all, most of the time you will be going out in order to fulfill errands rather than to make it so that you are going to end up being the sort of person that is just enjoying themselves.

What all of this means is that you are going to have to try and find some way to take your child wherever you are going and also have the full use of your arms that you are going to require. Because of the fact that your child does not really need to move around a lot since very young babies usually don’t need that much mobility, something like babybjorn baby carriers can be very helpful indeed and can really take your outdoor experiences to a whole new level that you might not have been able to find otherwise.

Baby carriers are useful because of the fact that they have a tendency to allow you to move to your heart’s content without having to worry about how your baby is doing. Sometimes you will need to be a little proactive about how you are doing things, and buying a good quality baby carrier is definitely one of the many ways.

People focus so much on what they should be doing at any given point in time that they don’t stop to think about what they shouldn’t be doing. The whole culture surrounding the manner in which we take care of our pets really needs to change if we want to make sure that they stay healthy in the long run. Focusing on the things that we shouldn’t do is just as important as focusing on that which we should be doing on a regular basis.

For one thing, if your dog is currently suffering from an ear infection of some sort, you should really think about avoiding using home remedies. There is actually a pretty good reason for this, and this reason is basically that if you use home remedies, you are going to use remedies that are composed at least partly of water. Indeed, the water content of home remedies tends to be higher than that of actual medicines that you get in the market, and that too by a pretty large margin all in all. This water content is the main reason why you should try and avoid home remedies like the plague if you are truly serious about whatever it is that you are trying to do.

The reason that you should click here and figure out why home remedies aren’t a good idea if you are trying to treat your dog’s ear infection is because of the fact that this ear infection is going to become worse if you put water on it. The infection needs to be dried out a bit so that the bacteria causing the infection can be killed. Putting water on it will just make the infection more painful.

If you are in the market with the intention of buying a grow light, then the good news is that there are so many options available to buy that you can easily make your buying experience a whole lot easier. However, the thing that you must know about that is that you cannot make a mistake when it comes to buying a grow light because these lights can be expensive, and mistakes mean that you might not get the proper experience either.

Keeping that in mind, the important thing that we must discuss here is that it is always the right thing to do if you invest in a led grow light because they are much better than some of the other options available in the market. The focus right now is mainly on some of the things you should look for when buying grow lights.

Make Sure You Can Control Them

There are lights that do not offer any control over them. Sure, they are good but if you want the granular level of control, you are not going to get that from them. So, keeping that in mind, it is best if you invest in lights that you can actually control. They will be expensive, but well worth the price as you will not run into any issues.

Make Sure You Need Them

Do not just go ahead and buy those lights because someone told you to do so. These lights are useful, but that does not mean that they can be used for any purpose. They have a specific purpose and that is to allow proper indoors planting. So, if you do want to invest in these lights, make sure that you do need them and not because someone suggests that it would be a good idea.

Understanding the benefits of condos is definitely going to require you to look into some high quality reasons why people often end up using condos in the first place. The first thing that you need to understand is that the people that own condos generally know what they are doing. They have made the decision to own a condo based on a clear set of rules that they have followed. What all of this means is that the people that have purchased a condo have done so based on their own research which they have conducted in the market for the purposes of better understanding the market in general.

One of the most important reasons that people tend to use which you should definitely look into is that condos generally cost less if you are looking at livable space. A house that you have decided to purchase at some point is going to require you to restrict your livable space to a certain extent. The reason that this restriction occurs is because of the fact that houses have a tendency to waste space that could be used for living on other useless things that are not nearly as important as a lot of people would have you believe.

What you need to learn from all of this is that if you want actual usable space, condos are going to be your best bet. They provide functional living arrangements that are much more in line with the modern way of life than some would have you believe. It is for this reason that your own living arrangements are going to suffer if you are not buying yourself some mobilio condos at this very moment and taking advantage of the trend.

Being a construction worker can pay you a fair amount of money, but it also has a tendency to be quite dangerous. Safety precautions are almost always going to be put into place, but the nature of this kind of work makes it so that even these precautions are often not going to be enough to prevent terrible accidents from occurring that could wreak havoc on the construction site and potentially even result in some major loss of life all in all. This is absolutely unacceptable in our modern world where safety is prized above all else.

If you want to read more about how safety can be maximized on your average construction site, you should pay attention to scheduling software that is being used. If everything is made to be highly organized and thus properly managed, there will be a far lower likelihood of accidents occurring. People tend to be fixated on offering hard hats and other kinds of protection methods to construction workers, but what these people don’t realize is that construction workers need to be given a good schedule to work on as well, one that would allow them to be in the right place at the right time and also keep themselves out of danger whenever they can manage to do so.

Not all of the technological advancements in the construction industry have to do with hardware. Software is being updated constantly as well, so much so that it has come to a point where software is the very thing that governs these kinds of work processes. Now, without a scheduling software, the riskiness of a construction job will go up by a large margin, and it will reduce in profitability as well which is something that’s out of the question.